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It's been about eighth months since I first started writing this blog and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Well it hasn't exactly been like a diary, where I have recorded every single detail of my life, significant or insignificant, but I have managed to share a lot. And that includes thoughts and experience I wouldn't be comfortable sharing with people who know me a little more than they should.
Which is why I couln't share my blog with a lot of people. And now I feel like I need to reach out to more people. Why should I deprive them of my beautiful writing? No. No. Nobody should be subjected to this form of torture. I'm commiting a crime against all of mankind. And I shan't do this anymore! So I have decided
to start a new blog by the name For those of you who want to judge me for the spelling of martiny, martini wasn't available ok! And this lavender-aura nonsense is getting a little old! So Pink Martiny here I come :).

Hope to catch you guys there!

Invasion of the Dhokla Culture

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Sometimes I feel pretty smug about not being born a Gujju. No eating Dhoklas and patras everyday. No referring to snacks as 'snakes'. No living in joint families full of aunties who talk to each other in a pitch so high you'd think they were trying to communicate with people of the neighbouring building. No having relatives with names like 'Jeeee-tes" and 'Meee-tes'.

And while, I was riding on this high horse of mine, Destiny intervened to play dirty games with me. My building organised a Dandiya event . To my dismay I was not just forced, but threatened to attend it.

The only thing that kept me going was that I was going to get to wear my extra blingy bright pink churidar kurta, embellished with mirrors and sequins, with a crush dupatta to go with it. And of course wear dramatic Indian make up which I don't get to on a daily basis.

Now lets be honest, dandiya and garba are both beautiful dance forms, but do people living in this city really know them. As far as I have seen, people doing garba just jump in and out of a circle while moving their head simultaneously with the many tiers in their bodies. Dandiya is another monotonous process. Hitting the same sticks again and again in the same damn way. Yet it find so many takers.

Again if the guys at dandiya events are good looking, it is a good enough reason to go. but the place is usually filled with chashma-wearing, mamma's boys type Gujju boys. Or else there are no guys at all. Only shapeless uncles playing a version of Dandiya I wouldn't even call dandiya. Infact, a lot of them look like they're actually playing some sort of sword fight in order to get rid of their pent- up frustration.

Under these circumstances, I was forced to play with the aunties of the building. Mind you a lot of them were also indulging in the whole I-need-to-get-rid of my frustration game. Clearly not the best attitude to play with. I fad put on my best plastic smile and pretended like I was having sooo much fun, while I was secretly wishing I had worn an armour of some sort because I was so terrified someone would knock me right off.

I was trying to be positive by telling myself that this was a brilliant opportunity to exercise and tone my arms which I otherwise never do, among the various Tulsi-bens and Mani-bens, while I silently watched the values and principles I had embraced all my life slowly and steadily flow down the drain. Such is the tragedy of life!

Reading List

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I've been keeping my distance from books these days.
Don't want to many things distracting me while I'm studying.
Once I start reading something interesting, it's very hard to concentrate on anything else.
So after this long period of deprivation I'm going to need a lot of books to 'quench my thirst'. =P
Here's a list of books I want to read in Diwali.
  1. The Devil and Miss Prym - Paulo Coelho
  2. P.S. I Love You - Helen Schulman
  3. The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran
  4. Chasing Harry Winston - Lauren Weisberger
  5. My God is A Woman - Noor Zaheer
If you guys have any interesting books in mind, feel free to recommend :)

Aaaaiiii Veeeee

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No that's not a marathi gaali! It's simply the exaggerated form form IV which is the short form of Industrial visit.
Our Iv was supposed to be in December. While it made me very happy to think that December is going to amazing, it depressed me because it was sooooooo far away. Now it's been pre-poned to November, so I have every reason to scream, shout and celebrate. Well I know it is too early to do that, but what the heck, I need an excuse to shut those books anyway. They keep staring back at me to remind me all the things I don't know. *Sigh* So I'm going to focus on happier things in life (read:IV) and make a list of all the things I want to do during the IV.

1. I want to get my coin scarf out and belly dance in the train. Don't judge me. I'm not an exhibitionist. Most of the time I look spastic when I belly dance in front of people. I get so fucking conscious you know. But I'm not going to this time. What the hell, I have always wanted to dance in a train, with gypsy clothes and gypsy music playing in the background
. While I'm definitely not going to be able to fulfil the latter half of my fantasy(friends are not a fan of gypsy or Arabian music :P) I'm going to make the first half happen. :D

2. Get drunk properly. while I drink every now and then, I haven't tested my limits. I think it's the time. Besides, I'm dying to know what I'll blabber when I'm drunk!

3. 'Everyday is a Fashion show and the world is my Runway'. Stock up on more awesome clothes and make Rajasthan my runway. :P

4. Hit on some hot senior :) May be the one with a girly butt. (Pari I put this here, just so you could have a good laugh. Just so you know, I'm already going mad laughing).

5. Have lots of girlie gossip sessions. Everyday is going to be like a sleepover!

6. Shop! Shop! Shop! Frankly I'm going to need a separate blogpost to talk about this. But let me tell you in short. I want Rajasthani Jewellery! Anklets, Bracelets, armlets, earrings, bangles, necklaces, rings, EVERYTHING!

7. Last but not the least, have a blast and come back many awesome memories. :)

P.S. I'm really not into guy's with girlie butts. I promise!

Love and when it dies.

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What is about love?
I think you've probably read a hundred blog posts about that. About what love is and what it does to people.
But what I really want to know is, is there ever a full stop?

Not all love stories have happy endings.
Sometimes it is societal pressure. Sometimes distance gets in the way.
Sometimes it is just one sided.
And then there are people who say 'but we fell out of love'?

Now I may not have much experience in relationship field, but that doesn't make me alien to the feeling of love.
I think it's emotion in it's purest form.
I could feel it for my mother who brought me up or the sweet lady who offered me a seat in the bus.

When you are in a relationship, love of course takes a whole new meaning.
Attraction comes into the picture.
And when a relationship is over, it is this feeling of attraction that exits.
Love however is eternal.

Nobody wakes up and says, "Mom, I don't think I love you anymore."
The how can you suddenly stop loving somebody who has been such an important part of your life, even for that little while.
I refuse to believe in the sort of love that dies after attraction does.
Infact, I'd go on to saying it is not love at all.
Just an illusion of love.